Something Unexpected happened against the war on aging. This Changes Everything!

Live Cell Therapy Before and After - La Bella Spa

Just when you thought it was time to live with sagging skin, expression lines and unsightly wrinkles, your natural skin savior has arrived!

From award-winning Cosmetic Engineers, Live Cell Therapy features a transdermal infusion of live collagen cells through the skin via non-invasive micro-netting.

The cells instantly impart supreme hydration and skin smoothing benefits targeting the most acute areas around your eyes and labial folds, while rejuvenating your entire complexion.

This amazing therapy also features skull-cap extract, resveratrol, l-ascorbic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that synergistically impact the life span of skin cells and overall skin vitality.

Live Cell Therapy is available to men and women within the Luxe Science Institute.

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