In alliance with Laboratoire Carnac, La Bella showcases comprehensive and prolific thalassotherapy treatments featuring the active seawater complex found in Brittany’s Unesco protected waters. Vast research demonstrates the ability of trace minerals and oligo-elements to effectively support over 300 physiological processes of the human body, optimizing immune, endocrine, circulatory, lymphatic and nervous system functions. Our European collection of natural therapies may be experienced individually or part of a customized multi-day or week program, to address a variety of concerns.

Low energy, fluid retention, lack of concentration, poor sleep quality and inflammation may be the result of toxins within your body.  The Youth Vitality Thalasso Detox program’s objective is to help purify the body by helping the body to eliminate toxins, improve circulation, and promote relaxation. Combining our vast showcase of European technology with mineral-rich seawater, seaweed, touch and inhalation therapies, nutritional guidance to help reduce inflammation, supplementation, and ion-rich salt therapy, this comprehensive approach to natural detoxification dramatically supports your overall health and well-being.

Priced per consultation

Luxurious and invigorating, Aqua Zen renders your skin hydrated and rejuvenated. Our expert therapists begin by applying a custom blend of organic exfoliating herbal and marine based ingredients to your skin, using gentle circular motions to buff away dead skin cells and reveal a softer, smoother complexion.  Warm oils and soothing hot stones enhance your experience while tropical rain from above imparts a refreshing finale! Includes use of robe, slippers, Serenity Lounge, Cedar Sauna and access to the Salt & Light Vitality Zone. 


Experience a natural detoxifying and rejuvenating spa treatment with Sea Cure, available exclusively at La Bella. This luxurious medley includes a seaweed spa cocoon and a hydrotherapy treatment with underwater massage. Nourishing seaweed paste and seawater containing healthy minerals will leave your skin feeling supple and your body revitalized. The hydrotherapy treatment also enhances circulation and stimulates lymphatic drainage to promote supreme vitality.  Enjoy time in the Serenity Lounge and Salt & Light Vitality Zone, where the healing properties of salt and light complete your experience.

Promo Price: $279   A $44 savings

Balneotherapy, a centuries old practice of harnessing the healing power of water, is the ideal natural therapy to help reduce the effects of stress and support vital circulatory, lymphatic and digestive functions naturally and non-invasively. This session is combined with our iconic Golden Fango Essence TM to further achieve your objectives of inflammatory relief, purification or skin hydration.. A lymphatic drainage technique using a scotch hose during your immersion is conducted to help reduce fluid retention, fatigue, stress and improve sleep quality. Your program also includes use of sauna, robe, slippers and access to the Salt & Light Vitality Zone. 


Lighter, energized and revitalized, this stimulating leg treatment is perfect for those experiencing fluid retention, poor circulation, cellulite, sore leg muscles and fatigue in the lower extremities. Featuring Innovative vibrational spheres that contour the legs, your treatment also includes oligo- active thalassotherapy infusions for energy and vitality.


Discover the Spa Cocoon – a unique and restorative European spa experience as you float on a dry spa bed filled with warm water, creating a sense of weightlessness and deep relaxation. Your treatment helps to reduce muscle soreness and joint pain, making it perfect for those seeking relief from everyday stressors. This treatment also helps improve the quality of sleep, promote a stronger immune system, and enhance the body’s natural healing abilities.

After your treatment, stimulate the senses and enjoy the Salt & Light Vitality Zone. This experiential space is designed to help rejuvenate your body and mind through the healing properties of salt inhalation with negative ions and a changing light ‚Äúcolor bath‚ÄĚ to further calm the central nervous system.¬†

Choose from the following:  $199

  • Skin Hydration – shea butter, royal jelly and propolis¬†
  • Immune Boost – sea minerals and ocean magnesium
  • Anti-stress – precious swiss pine oil¬†
  • Muscle Ease – arnica, sea mineral complex and menthol
  • Detox – castor oil pack

Discover the Earth‚Äôs precious healing essences, inspired by folkloric cleansing rituals of the Middle East within the Thermarium ‚Äď a ceremonial chamber of crystal star lights, herb-infused steam and tropical rain.¬† Captivating handmade mosaics and heated thrones welcome you, as this Interactive experience for two also features your personal artist‚Äôs palette of therapeutic muds for face and body- self applied within your private chamber.¬† Your experience helps to reduce stress, increase circulation and render your skin soft and smooth, unveiling a healthy glow. Next, enjoy a meditative session within the Salt & Light Vitality Zone where a brine salt waterfall offers respiratory and energizing benefits and a therapeutic color bath ignites your senses.

$149 per person (includes lounge amenities)

Surrender your worries to a well-deserved tropical escape. Your experience includes succulent pineapple, fresh coconut and ion-charged sea salt during a smoothing body polish with a splash of sun showers, followed by restorative moisture therapy from a refreshing fruit sorbet body wrap.  More oohs and aahs await as you enjoy a mineral-rich hydra-quench with chilled himalayan salt stones to complete your blissful moments in the Hideaway Cabanas. Also includes Salt and Light Vitality Zone.

Introductory Promotion: $239

Spa Massage Collection

Discover renewed vitality, ease muscle tension and stress and improve range of motion and circulation. Impart energy and enhanced mobility through global massage techniques paired with heat therapy, aromatherapy, pain relief infusions and so much more. Our team of dedicated professionals are highly experienced and certified, ensuring a world class experience you are invited to enjoy all year round.

Indulge in a state of blissful tranquility with our Sweet Surrender package, which includes a customized massage, aromatherapy, warm stone therapy, and exfoliating foot wraps. Our customized massage is tailored to your individual preferences, helping to ease tension and leave you feeling renewed and invigorated. Aromatherapy utilizes essential oils to soothe your senses, while warm stone therapy melts away stress and tension. Finally, exfoliating foot wraps leave your feet feeling silky smooth and refreshed. Emerge relaxed and refreshed. 

$109 for 60 min (a $149 value)  |  $164  for 90 min

Welcome to Bliss Break, a revitalizing spa experience designed to soothe your mind, body, and soul. Enjoy our signature anti-stress massage and access to the Serenity Lounge, Cedar Sauna (gentle heat to soothe your muscles and ease tension), and Salt & Light Vitality Zone, an experiential space featuring a healing salt waterfall that emits negative ions to create an ocean climate, supporting your respiratory function and immune system. Let us help you escape the stresses of daily life and achieve the ultimate state of bliss.

$139 promo

A custom ‚Äúspecialized‚ÄĚ protocol that addresses common postural and inflammatory concerns featuring a combination of modalities such as deep tissue massage, lymphatic drainage and trigger point therapy.¬† Your therapist may also incorporate guided stretching, advice on proper body mechanics and range of motion exercises to help improve flexibility and mobility. Aromatherapy and herbal therapy may be integrated to help improve circulation and reduce inflammation.

Choose from the following:

  • Upper body postural, cranial and sinus relief
  • Full body cranial pressure release and lymphatic optimization¬†
  • Targeted positional release / chronic muscle strain or sprain release
  • Full body custom program
  • Post-surgical care¬†

$105 for 60 min

Program inclusive of six bi-weekly sessions: $630 promo  (a $60 savings)

The classic spa massage that combines Swedish massage, aromatherapy, and heat therapy to reduce stress and rebalance your mind and body. After a brief consultation, our expert massage therapists will use long, flowing strokes to relieve tension and promote circulation. Aromatherapy oils will be added for their calming and uplifting properties, and heat therapy will be incorporated to soothe sore muscles and melt away stress. You’ll leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. May also be suitable for expecting mothers past first trimester with physician approval.

$49 for 30 min
$85 for 60 min
$129 for 90 min

The ultimate thalassotherapy massage experience to replenish devitalized skin, and restore vitality to overworked muscles and high stress levels. Additionally, improved lymphatic and circulatory optimization are achieved with brushing techniques, jade stone meridian enhancement, high potency trace mineral infusions and an remineralizing phyto-plankton spinal treatment. You will enjoy a profound boost to well being, circulation and overall health and vitality. 

$149  for 75 min
Serenity Lounge amenities for women +$15

Ever popular hot stone therapy tackles muscle tension and mental fatigue with warm volcanic Basalt stones anointed with aromatic oils. Combined with soothing and de-stressing massage, a deep penetrating heat restores vitality and lifts the spirit.

$99 for 60 min
$142 for 90 min
Serenity Lounge amenities for women +$15

Athletic recovery massage helps athletes recover from physical activity or injury by utilizing multiple massage modalities including deep tissue, trigger points, stretching techniques, heat therapy and tension relief topical gels. It reduces soreness and stiffness in muscles and joints, promoting healing and faster recovery. It can also prevent future injuries by addressing areas of the body prone to overuse or strain. Overall, athletic recovery massage is an effective tool for optimizing physical performance, reducing pain, and preventing injuries.

$95 for 60 min

Experience a luxurious massage for two in our Duet Suite, a serene and intimate setting where two guests can indulge in a massage together. Our skilled therapists will tailor the session to your specific needs, using a combination of techniques to ease tension and stress. As you both emerge from your massage, you will be guided to our Salt & Light Vitality Zone, a unique experience designed to enhance your overall wellness, as a bonus gift.¬† In this tranquil space, you’ll be surrounded by calming salt walls and a soothing and unique salt brine waterfall. The negative ions generated by the waterfall will help support your respiratory function and boost your immune system, while the special ‚Äúcolor bath‚ÄĚ lighting creates a peaceful ambiance and stress release.¬† Ideal for couples, friends and moms and daughters. (We also recommend previewing Spa for 2 multi-service packages for more exciting options)¬†¬†

$218 for 2 people (lounge amenities not included)

Inspired by centuries-old Chinese and Ayurvedic healing arts, Ancient Remedies imparts a profound release of tension and stress by supporting chi energy and unblocking meridians to impart vitality and well-being. Spiced oils and a decadent marma point Indian scalp massage invoke deep relaxation while circulation enhancing gua sha features specially carved stones that glide across the face and body.  Soothing warm basalt stones melt away muscle tension and complete this amazing trio.  

$139 for 80 min
Serenity Lounge amenities for women +$15

A dynamic duo of hands on gentle lymphatic stimulation followed by a hands on massage that uses a variety of pressure and kneading techniques to stimulate blood and lymphatic movement. Next, your therapist will integrate a high tech- infrared negative pressure suction massage device to apply vacuum suction and gentle heat to affected areas. This powerful device uses infrared technology to penetrate deep into the skin.  This treatment provides a comprehensive solution for those looking to improve the health of their skin, as well as promote overall well-being.

$129 for 60 min focused treatment   

Series of 6 promotional program: $714 (a $60 savings)

$189 for 90 min full body treatment     Series of 6 promotional program: $1074 (a $60 savings)

Serenity Lounge amenities for women +$15

Oncology massage is a gentle and tailored form of therapy for individuals undergoing cancer treatment. Your therapist adapts techniques to provide comfort, reduce pain, and alleviate stress, considering the unique needs and medical considerations of each patient. A physician’s written approval is required if actively or have undergone treatment over the last 6 months or for a new diagnosis.

 $85 for 60 min


  • Cupping +15
  • Gua sha +15
  • Warm stone target therapy¬† +15

Cupping +15

Gua Sha +15

Warm Stone Target Therapy +15


Kinesiology tape enhancement involves the application of specialized tape to muscles and joints. This technique aims to support and stabilize these areas, improve circulation, and enhance overall movement. The tape’s flexible nature allows for a range of motion while providing targeted support, making it popular among athletes and individuals recovering from injuries.



La Bella features pipless whirlpools and employs several methods of instrument sterilization. Premium products are selected to create a healthy and enjoyable experience. Upon scheduling, please inform guest service if you require gel polish removal or application during your hand and foot care services.

Immerse your feet in a jetted whirlpool as your journey begins with a lower leg and foot exfoliating polish followed by our specially formulated mud, infused with volcanic ash and essential oils both oxygenating and revitalizing. Our expert nail technicians will shape, and buff your nails, while also attending to any calluses or rough spots on your feet. A hydrating foot massage with our rich, nourishing cream and warm stones will leave your feet feeling soft and supple. Warm and fragrant paraffin wax will be applied to your hands, enveloping them in a soothing warmth that will hydrate and nourish your skin to a radiant finish.

Enhance with pro-strength smoothing peel for your hands+$39

Rich in antioxidants, trace minerals and natural enzymes, La Bella’s proprietary seaweed and algae treatment brightens and smooths the lower legs and feet while stimulating blood flow and lymphatic drainage while reducing inflammation, swelling and fluid retention, releasing toxins.   Combined with a complete pedicure and hydrating paraffin moisture wraps for hands, an ideal therapy if you are feeling fatigued, sluggish or heavy legs.

Enhance with pro-strength smoothing peel for your hands+$39

Holistic therapy meets innovative technology featuring an ionic foot bath that helps to detoxify your body by drawing out impurities and toxins through the soles of your feet. Ideal for fluid retention, soreness, and part of a detoxifying program. Your treatment also includes foot grooming and nail work with a choice of polish.


Whole milk rich in lactic acid softens and smoothes, while professional grade products are infused in heels and soles to exfoliate, refine texture and brighten. Steamed towels and a warm stone massage provide relaxation. Also includes nail grooming and your choice of beautiful vegan nail colors. We also recommend paraffin therapy for dry and weary hands as the perfect enhancement.

Enhance with pro-strength smoothing peel for your hands +$39

Basic beauty with a twist. Enjoy a warm stone foot massage after your feet relax within a pipeless foot bath and heels are rendered smooth. Includes nail work and your choice of beautiful vegan nail colors, base and top coat.

Enhance with pro-strength smoothing peel for your hands +$39

Upon scheduling, please inform guest service if you require gel polish removal or application during your hand and foot care services. Thank you. 

  • Vegan polish manicure – $29
  • Color shield gel-infused manicure – $39¬†¬†
  • Gel polish removal – +$20
  • Anti-aging hand treatment peel enhancement to manicure – +$39
  • Paraffin moisture dip for hands – $12
  • Nail art enhancement – $5 per nail

Beauty & Wellness Packages

Welcome to Destination La Bella – award-winning beauty and wellness packages, pairings and promotions. Our programs offer a myriad of beauty, health and wellness benefits for every occasion, especially when your body needs vital TLC. Every pairing has a purpose while experiential zones like Tranquility Falls, Cedar Saunas, the Salt & Light Vitality Zone and Lobby Airlift Bar enhance treatment. Offerings as only La Bella can. An amazing gift and bespoke expression of celebrating the very best in you! Let the journey begin.

Experience the power of vibration to support circadian rhythm and help calm the central nervous system for better quality sleep and revitalization.  Enjoy a relaxing spa cocoon ritual followed by a custom bio-energetic energy balancing experience. The synergy of combined protocols unveils a new awakening of rejuvenation and vitality. 

  • Total Calm Weightless Cocoon
  • Body Intelligence Reset & Restore energy balancing treatment¬†
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge amenities¬†


  • Aqua Zen spirulina purifying body polish
  • Ocean Obsession sea mineral therapy and massage combo
  • Tranquility Falls and Immersion Pool
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Robe, slippers and Serenity Lounge amenities


21st century wellness, offering a unique synergy of vibration, biofield energetics and light, coupled with natural remedies to support your body’s ability to repair the energy field for improved wellbeing. Guests have experienced muscle ease, less stress, improved mood, more focus, more calm, metabolic, circulatory and lymphatic support and reduced general malaise and fatigue. 

  • Body Intelligence custom experience
  • E-motion vibrational balancing
  • Infinity Matrix light therapy
  • Air Lift 02 inhalation therapy with organic herbal infusions
  • Organic juice beverage
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Robe, slippers & Serenity Lounge amenities


Promo: With 9 bi-weekly sessions, get 10th session FREE

Showcasing  the very best of France, thanks to our alliance with Le Chateau Du Bois Provence: an organic lavender farm and laboratory in the heart of Provence. Fine lavender, both rare and precious, is healing, calming and repairing Рthe perfect cornerstone of this program.  

  • Aqua Zen french lavender body polish
  • Bella Organica holistic deluxe facial¬†
  • Lavender, shea butter and propolis infusion for hands and feet
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Air Lift 02 Inhalation Therapy with organic herbal infusions
  • Robe, slippers & Serenity Lounge amenities


Your custom skin wellness experience. Choose your combo:

  • Dermasmooth Combo – microdermabrasion and custom facial
  • Carboxy Therapy Combo – vitaminic skin smoothing and oxygen treatment
  • Illumafirm Combo – skin firming and remodeling plus bio-photomodulation

Each combo will also include:

  • Air Lift 02 inhalation therapy with organic herbal infusions¬†
  • Alpha Calm neuro relax¬†
  • Choice of organic juice selection


Lipo Spheres body contour (30 min)

  • Bio Slim infrared thermal body wrap
  • Mini facial
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Organic wellness beverage shot
  • Robe, slippers & Serenity Lounge amenities


La Bella Vita -the classic spa day

  • Sweet Surrender massage sampler (60 min)
  • Collagen Cure hydra glow premium facial¬†
  • Hot Lava mud premium spa pedicure
  • Paraffin moisture drench for hands
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Robe, slippers & Serenity Lounge amenities¬†


A European old world remedy and a La Bella exclusive -the power of Swiss pine invigorates your senses while its healing properties help to reduce stress, support healthy blood pressure and calm the mind. A study by Joanneum Research concludes that the calming and stimulating effects of Swiss pine reduces heart rate by approximately 3,500 beats per day, having a positive effect on the body’s vegetative recovery process. Combined with state of the art wellness therapies, the synergy of programs will impart profound relaxation, revitalization to the central nervous system, better sleep and smoother skin.

  • Invigorating Alpine Body Polish
  • Spa Cocoon Experience with precious Swiss pine oil
  • Cedar Sauna
  • Salt & Light Chakra Balancing Chamber
  • Robe, slippers & Serenity Lounge amenities¬†


  • Custom massage (60 min)
  • Tranquility Falls and immersion pool
  • Cedar and infrared saunas
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Robe, slippers & Serenity Lounge amenities¬†
  • Air Lift 02 inhalation therapy with organic herbal infusions
  • Organic wellness beverage shot¬†



La Bella 2-gether means twice the fun, programs designed for two people to enjoy together. Bring your BFF, special sweetheart or family member for quality time in your home away from home.

The magic of old world rejuvenation and a La Bella exclusive. Enter the Thermarium, a ceremonial thermal suite inspired by the Roman Caldarium. Mosaic tile, crystal stars and warm thrones await, as you and your special guest embark on an interactive and therapeutic experience with high potency healing mud that relaxes muscles and imparts vitality. Not only will you have a blast applying on each other, enjoy the rejuvenating experience of herbal steam, relaxing music and silky soft skin at the finale. Paired with a custom 60 minute massage together and the Salt & Light Vitality Zone, love and mud, are all you need.

  • Thermarium experience
  • Massage Together for 2 (60 min)
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Vitality wellness beverage for 2
  • Air Lift 02 inhalation therapy with organic herbal infusions
  • Organic beverage wellness shot
  • Robe, slippers & lounge amenities ¬†

$279 per person  |  $558 inclusive of 2 guests

An ideal escape for couples to relax and revitalize together! 

  • Massage Together in Duet Suite¬†
  • Collagen Cure hydrating skin treatment/facial
  • Air Lift 02 inhalation therapy with organic herbal infusions
  • Organic wellness beverage shot
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Robe, slippers & lounge amenities¬†

$299 per person (a $34 savings)  |  $598 inclusive of 2 guests

Experience a luxurious massage for two in our Duet Suites – a serene and intimate setting where two guests can indulge in a massage together. Our skilled therapists will tailor the session to your specific needs, using a combination of techniques to ease tension and stress. Next is the Salt & Light Vitality Zone, a unique experience designed to enhance your overall wellness, as a bonus gift. In this tranquil space, you’ll be surrounded by calming salt walls and a soothing and unique salt brine waterfall. The negative ions generated by the waterfall will help support your respiratory function and boost your immune system, while the special ‚Äúcolor bath‚ÄĚ lighting creates a peaceful ambiance and stress release. Ideal for couples, moms and daughters and friends!

$109 per person  |  $218 inclusive of 2 guests  (lounge amenities not included)



Medesthetix at La Bella proudly features the Luxe Science advanced cellular dermologie range of youth preservation clinical skin care.

Every product offers unique results-driven and award winning actives to support new collagen formation, remedy environmental stressors and impart supreme moisture for the ultimate youth glow!

Come together and experience La Bella for all of your special occasions.