La Bella Gatherings is your passport to joy, a unique group experience designed to bring people closer together for those important occasions. Whether you’re celebrating with your best friends, cherished family members, or beloved coworkers, La Bella Gatherings offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Our team is dedicated to curating the perfect atmosphere for your special occasion, ensuring every detail is as exquisite as the company you keep, as we craft experiences tailored to your unique preferences and occasions, ensuring that each event is as memorable as the last. Here is where love, laughter, and lasting memories flourish.


  • Birthdays and Special Occasions
  • Bridal and Wedding Parties
  • Girls Day Out
  • Work Retreats and Team Building
  • Mom-to-be Celebrations

Begin your journey with a 30-minute session in our La Bella Salt & Light Vitality Zone, where the healing properties of salt surround you, promoting deep relaxation and rejuvenation. As you recline in comfort, breathe in the pure, mineral-rich air, letting it cleanse your respiratory system and soothe your senses.Afterward, transition to our Airlift oxygen and botanical inhalation experience, where you’ll inhale the revitalizing essence of botanical extracts infused with pure oxygen. This invigorating session will leave you feeling refreshed, revitalized, and ready to take on the world. Includes a complimentary wellness beverage shot.

50 minutes
$69 per person (Available for up to six guests. Lounge Amenities not available).

For those seeking relaxation, connection, and rejuvenation, enjoy this exciting pairing of experiences to help you unwind and enjoy memories together. Choose ONE of the following exquisite treatments:

Sweet Surrender Massage Sampler (60 min) Savor a harmonious sampler of massage with warm basalt stones, gua sha jade stones and exfoliating foot wraps to ease your tensions and leave you in a state of bliss.


Gotta Glow Nourishing Spa Facial Indulge in a nourishing facial that leaves your skin glowing with vitality. Tailored to your skin type, this treatment rejuvenates and hydrates, revealing  your inner radiance.

Your “Come Together” experience ALSO includes:

  • Access to our serene **Serenity Lounge**, where you’ll luxuriate in plush robes and slippers, sip on soothing herbal tea, and enjoy the calming ambiance.
  • Soothe your senses with a session in our **Salt and Light Vitality Zone**, where healing salt and serene lighting create an atmosphere of pure tranquility.
  • Elevate your well-being at our **Airlift Oxygen Bar**, where you’ll experience the rejuvenating effects of oxygen combined with organic herbal inhalation therapy and organic wellness beverage shot.

2 1/4 hours.
$189 per person (Available for up to four guests)

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

AIRLIFT – Your Quick Fix to Total Chill!

Pure ambient 02 combines with organic herbal infusions for an instant spring in your step. Choices include exhilarating eucalyptus, calming lavender, joyful citrus and more! Also includes an audio “sound bath” and organic wellness beverage shot too!

Enhancements include:

  • Instant Stress Buster
  • Instant Calm and Mental Clarity
  • Awesome Add-on to Any Treatment Experience
  • Great to Do with Two of Your BFFs