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Simply complete all of the fields on your group registration form and submit to us. Please note, as soon as your spa gathering is reserved, an advance notice of 5 business days is required for any modifications or cancellations to the reservation. Any changes made within this period are subject to a service charge of 50% of modified/cancelled treatment value and will be automatically charged to your credit card account. For additional information, we invite you to contact guest service at 321.453.1510.



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I understand that my submitted reservation request constitutes an inquiry and is not a confirmed reservation. A Guest Service Coordinator will contact me to secure and confirm reservations for either the day requested, or will review alternative dates available, should occupancy require this.

-two contact phone numbers
-each guest's shoe size (for slippers) and indicate if any guests require a plus size robe.
-Any special health considerations or allergies.
-If any guest (s) have a gender preference for their massage therapist
-The Specific Services each guest is requesting

Communication is key! I understand that as the group contact/leader, I will be the exclusive and sole communicator/contact to make any changes, additions, modifications or special arrangements pertaining to this group reservation as well as the spokesperson for any individual guest that is scheduled to enjoy spa services/attend.

As a result, individual members must forward questions, requests or information to me as the group leader on their behalf when communicating with a Spa Representative- as any changes, "swap outs", or "no shows" will be subject to a 50% service value cancellation fee if taking place within five days leading to the reservation or day of. Once again, only the appointed group leader should contact a spa representative with any questions or changes. Change requests day of service will not be permitted.

Group members are advised to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to their scheduled reservation. Late arrivals may prompt a late start for services, as the spa will conduct service within the remaining amount of time permitted at full price.

I understand and will inform all members of the party that La Bella Spa is a non-smoking facility and does not permit cell phone use in treatment rooms and amenity areas. I will also convey that appropriate conduct and behavior is required at all times to avoid inconveniences for other guests enjoying their spa experience. I will inform my guests that whispering is required when traveling through corridors.

La Bella Spa provides a delightful herbal tea, spring water and some light refreshments. Groups that are based in our Meditation Garden/Courtyard may bring additional refreshments, as group leader must assure that these items must be set up by a Group member at least 30 minutes prior to scheduled arrival time. The Group leader is responsible for assuring that the premises is left clean and debris is disposed of. Should any damage be incurred to public spaces, the group leader will be responsible for those repairs/replacements. Please note: groups are not permitted to bring refreshments into the Spa Lounge.

For guests of four or more who are enjoying three or more hours of spa services, this space is available complimentary for up to 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after scheduled services. Additional time may be requested in advance (if available) for an additional $50 per half hour. Please inform a guest service coordinator if you wish to extend your stay.

"I understand and will communicate with my guests that discounts, vouchers and 3rd party gift programs (i.e spa finder/spa wish) may not be applied to spa programs, series promotions, daily deals, other promotions and amenity fees."

For more information please contact us: