Spa Packages with Your Favorite Spa Treatments at La Bella Spa

I WILL…give myself a day to celebrate me.

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The relaxation benefits of a week vacation all in one day! La Bella Spa “Daycations” offer our most requested services In a blissful bundle that goes beyond pampering to help reduce the effects of stress, anxiety, fatigue, muscle strain and devitalized skin. Great for holiday gifts, special occasions, birthdays, anniversaries and to simply recharge – isn’t it time you take a Daycation?

Spa Packages with Your Favorite Spa Treatments at La Bella Spa

Let us take you on a journey…


To learn more about a specific spa package, please select from the list in the left-hand column below…

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Air Lift

Head to the Lobby Bar for the perfect pairing to any La Bella offering. An “Inside Wellness” bundle that includes:

  • Aromatherapeutic Welcome Ritual by Earth Intelligence
  • Beauty Beverage “shot”
  • Code Red/Wrinkle Reducing Hand Therapy w/ brightening serum
  • “AIR LIFT” oxygen inhalation therapy

Just $59! An $89 value


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Power Detox

Experience the powerful synergy of bioenergetic technology to gently and effectively stimulate

Your body’s ability to purify harmful toxins while increasing relaxation, circulation, focus and energy!

  • E-Motion Vibrational Lymphatic Stimulation
  • Body Intelligence Cellular Energy Rejuvenation
  • Body Pure Ionic Detox
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge Amenities

$199 A savings of $45!


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Pleasant Dreams

Deep relaxation and a much needed “reset” awaits for those who experience chronic stress,  disruption in sleep cycles, adrenal fatigue or overload of the central nervous system.

First, Tension relief plant infusions are applied to a variety of pressure points during your “Total Calm” weightless cocoon experience followed by a bioenergetic rejuvenation via an anti-aging and rebalancing energy frequency treatment

to support your body’s natural energetic movement. Finally, breathe deeply within the Salt & Light Vitality Zone and experience the purifying benefits of gentle salt inhalation (halo therapy).

  • Total Calm Weightless Cocoon
  • Body Intelligence “Reset & Restore” Cellular Energy Rejuvenation
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge Amenities

$299  A $39 savings.


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Sea Cure

The powerful synergy of our Oceanic body cocoon combines with a restorative Spirulina hydrotherapy bath for instant detoxifying benefits! Naturally occurring minerals, trace elements and vitamins purify and remove excess fluid while also stimulating cell metabolism and firming skin tone. Ideal for those experiencing fatigue, symptoms of poor diet, excess alcohol and hypothyroid conditions.



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Good Vibrations

An innovative and customized  experience to balance the body’s energy field to enhance vitality, longevity and well-being. Integrating a variety of modalities to support lymphatic, circulatory, endocrine, immune and nervous systems, you will feel amazing!



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Face, Body & Soul

Old World Methods. Signature Spa Therapy…

  • Aqua Zen Body Rejuvenation: Featuring  Mediterranean cypress, rosemary, lemon zest, orange peel, argan and apricot fruit pulp
  • Shea Butter & Royal Jelly Body Drench
  • Bella Organica Fresh Fruit & Garden Herb Premium Skin Care Ritual & Brightening Peel
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge Amenities

$279 A Savings of $34!


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Ultimate Beauty Blast

Your custom skin care experience!

Choose your Combo:

  • Dermasmooth Combo – (Microdermabrasion + Custom Facial)
  • Carboxy Therapy Combo – (Vitaminic Skin Smoothing +Oxygen Treatment)
  • Illumasculpt Combo – (Skin Firming &  Remodeling + Biophotomodulation)
  • Clear Skin Acne Combo – (Medi-Peel + Deep Pore Cleansing Treatment)

PLUS:  Inside Beauty Bar (Oxygen Inhalation Therapy, Code Red Hand Therapy & Wellness Beverage Shot)



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Coco Cabana Trio

Surrender your worries to a well-deserved tropical escape! Your experience includes succulent pineapple, fresh coconut and ion charged sea salt during a smoothing body polish with a splash of sun showers- followed by restorative moisture therapy from a refreshing fruit sorbet body wrap. More oohs & aahs await as you enjoy a mineral rich hydra-quench with chilled Himalayan salt stones to complete your blissful moments in the HIDEAWAY Cabanas! Also includes salt and light vitality zone. Introductory Promotion: $239 Add your very own Spa Adventure Pass! Just $89 (90min.) For the ultimate tropical getaway, enhance with our Pedi Colada on The Rocks for just $75


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La Bella Vita

  • Sweet Surrender- Massage Experience  (60 min)
  • Collagen Cure- Hydra Glow Signature Facial
  • Pedi Colada Premium Spa Pedicure with Paraffin Moisture Drench for Hands
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge Amenities



Tab 10

Seas the Day

Total Rejuvenation. The perfect Day Resort Getaway!

  • Aqua Zen Spirulina Vitality Body Polish
  • Ocean Obsession Marine Therapy & Massage Combo
  • Tranquility Falls & Immersion Pool
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge Amenities

$289 A $34 Savings!


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Alpine Adventure

A La Bella Spa Exclusive -The power of Swiss Pine invigorates your senses while its healing properties help to reduce stress, support healthy blood pressure and calm the mind. A study by Joanneum Research concludes that the calming and stimulating effects of Swiss Pine reduces heart rate by approximately 3,500 beats per day, having a positive effect on the body’s vegetative recovery process. Combined with state of the art wellness therapies, the synergy of programs will impart profound relaxation, revitalization to the central nervous system, better sleep and smoother skin.

  • Alpine Dream Body Polish
  • Swiss Pine Stress Buster “Weightless Cocoon” & Vibration Sound Therapy
  • Cedar & Pine Sauna
  • Salt & Light Chakra Balancing Chamber
  • Robe, Slippers & Spa Lounge Amenities

$269 A $24 Savings


Tab 12

Zen For Men Spa Program

Includes the following treatments

  • Men’s Custom Massage (60 min)
  • Men’s Skin Therapy
  • Men’s Grooming Pedicure

$239 specially priced.


Tab 13

My Spa Circuit

  • Custom Massage (60 Minutes)
  • Tranquility Falls & Immersion Pool
  • Finish & Cedar Saunas
  • Salt & Light Chakra Balancing Chamber
  • Robe, Slippers & Serenity Lounge Amenities

$169 (a savings of $20)


Tab 14

All You Need Is Mud

A LA BELLA Exclusive – Enter the Thermarium- a ceremonial thermal suite inspired by the Roman Caldarium. Mosaic Tile, Crystal Stars and warm thrones await, as you and your special guest embark on an interactive and therapeutic experience with high potency healing mud that relaxes muscles and imparts vitality. Not only will you have a blast applying on each other, enjoy the rejuvenating experience of herbal steam, relaxing music and silky soft skin at the finale.   Paired with a custom 60 minute massage and The Salt & Light Vitality Zone, love and mud, are all you need.

  • Thermarium Experience
  • Custom Massage for 2 in the Duet Suite (60 min)
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Robe, Slippers & Lounge Amenities
  • Champagne or Wine Spritzer Toast

$259 Per Person     $518 inclusive of 2 guests


Tab 15

Mom and Me

  • Mom & Me Duet Massage for 2 (60 min)
  • Salt & Light Rejuvenation Experience
  • Serenity Lounge w/ Sauna, Robe & Slippers



Tab 16

Two-part Harmony

  • Aromatherapy custom massage in duet suite (60 minutes)
  • Youth recovery deluxe skin care treatment
  • Spa lounge amenities
  • Champagne toast

$386 (inclusive of 2 guests)


Tab 17

Ultimate Lovers Getaway

Rekindle the magic as you enter TRANQUILITY FALLS, La Bella’s private hydrotherapy pool with rushing waters amidst 20 tons of Tennessee fieldstone. Here, you can unwind for a totally refreshingand exhilarating immersion with therapy jets to soothe tired muscles! Next, enter into our new sensory haven, the THERMARIUM. This exclusive thermal experience inspired by ancient cultures invites you into a new world of Italian mosaic walls, heated thrones and herbal steam under the blanket of an authentic Swarovski crystal sky. You and your partner will experience an interactive application of replenishing facial and body masques like harmonizing chalk therapy and restorative Fango mud.

A gentle tropical rain descends as the next part of your journey takes place within our exclusive Salt & Light Chakra Balancing Chamber experience. Featuring energy-charged salt air via stone waterfall, Halotherapy helps to purify the lungs, improve skin conditions, reduce fatigue and calm the nervous system, while a scientifically calibrated “color bath” fills the room with healing chakra therapy. And for a grand finale, enjoy your private Couple’s HIDEAWAY Cabana Massage during a blissful 80 minutes of customized touch therapy to impart calm, instill serenity and ignite romance!

$289 per person – a $39 savings per person. Please allow 3.5 hours.


I WILL…enjoy the ride.

La Bella Spa Merritt Island Fl

Bridal Happily Ever After Spa Daycation

Congratulations! On behalf of our team, we invite you to be our guest as we celebrate the great adventure ahead!  While planning your wedding is exciting and eventful, be sure to reserve some “spa time” to help you recharge and rejuvenate.

Accommodations are also available for members of your bridal party, family and friends as a Spa Gathering at La Bella Spa adds even more memories! Need some assistance? Our Guest Service Team is happy to answer questions and help plan a wonderful spa getaway.

So before riding off into the sunset, enter our doors. We cannot wait to serve you!

Spa Packages with Your Favorite Spa Treatments at La Bella Spa
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Spa Packages with Your Favorite Spa Treatments at La Bella Spa