Sacred Sleep


Did you know that a healthy sleep pattern affects every aspect of your health? “Early to bed and early to rise” is more than just a popular saying, it is by design the optimal solution to give your body the necessary time to revitalize organ systems while encouraging deeper sleep cycles. Our modern lifestyle often disrupts our sleep, culminating in lack of focus, energy and vitality. Sacred Sleep offers a restorative program for mind and body that encourages a sleep “reset” in real time. It is best experienced on a day free of time demands for best results.

• Serenity Lounge Amenities & Cedar Sauna
• Salt & Light Chakra Balancing Chamber
• Swiss Cell Therapy & Nutraceuticals VIP Pricing
• Bio Therapy “Sleep Restoration” Program

And choice of one of the following:
• Custom Aromatherapy Weightless Cocoon (extended session) w/Biotherapy Sleep Restoration Treatment
• Custom Massage Therapy & Hydrotherapy Bath w/Scotch Hose Underwater Massage

$249 (a $35+ savings)