Pleasant Dreams


Deep relaxation and a much needed “reset” awaits for those who experience chronic stress,  disruption in sleep cycles, adrenal fatigue or overload of the central nervous system.

First, Tension relief plant infusions are applied to a variety of pressure points during your “Total Calm” weightless cocoon experience followed by a bioenergetic rejuvenation via an anti-aging and rebalancing energy frequency treatment

to support your body’s natural energetic movement. Finally, breathe deeply within the Salt & Light Vitality Zone and experience the purifying benefits of gentle salt inhalation (halo therapy).

  • Total Calm Weightless Cocoon
  • Body Intelligence “Reset & Restore” Cellular Energy Rejuvenation
  • Salt & Light Vitality Zone
  • Serenity Lounge Amenities

$299  A $39 savings.