NEW! Ocean Obsession ™ 60 mins


NEW! Ocean Obsession ™ – Bubblin’ Thermal Seaweed Treatment,  Massage, Jade Stone Therapy & Lymphatic Drainage

The ultimate wellness touch therapy to replenish devitalized skin and restore vitality to overworked muscles and high stress levels. Featuring Earth Intelligence TM earthceuticals imported from a premiere Marine Therapy Research Institute on the French Coast, experience lymphatic and circulatory optimization with brushing techniques, jade stone meridian enhancement, high potency trace mineral infusions and a thermal active oxygenating phyto-plankton spinal treatment.   Benefits include a profound boost to well being, circulation and overall health and vitality.  Recommended monthly and pairs well Ion Detox Foot therapy, Sauna Detox and the Salt & Light Ocean Vitality Chamber.

BONUS: Enjoy profound stress relief daily with Earth Intelligence Wellness Solutions located within our Experience Center.