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I WILL…treat my body as a temple.

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Welcome to The Loft…a dedicated second story treatment zone designed  for your well-being. Offerings in The Loft impart new vitality, energy and enhanced mobility through global massage techniques paired with heat therapy, aromatherapy, pain relief infusions and so much more!  Our team of professionals are highly experienced and certified ensuring a world class experience you are invited to enjoy year round.

Massage In The Loft - La Bella Spa Merritt Island, Florida

Massage therapy a little closer to the heavens…


Your ultimate massage experience awaits. To learn more about a specific Loft treatment, please select from the list in the left-hand column below…

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“Sweet Surrender” Signature Massage Sampler Package

Healing Hands & Old World remedies unite, imparting deep relaxation, balance, mental clarity, profound relaxation and harmony from head to toe!

Experience a blissful synergy of:

  • custom massage
  • aromatherapy
  • lava stone therapy
  • Gua’ Sha
  • Earth Intelligence mineral rich foot scrub &t Reflex Point therapy

Introductory Rate: Just $99! Savings of $20!  Reg. $119  (60 min.)


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Ancient Remedies™ – Hot Stone, Chinese Gua-Sha and Indian Head Massage Spa Trio

Inspired by centuries-old Chinese and Ayurvedic healing arts, Ancient Remedies provides a profound release of tension and stress by supporting “CHI” energy and “unblocking” meridians to impart vitality and well being. Circulation enhancing gua sha features specially carved onyx stones that glide across the face and body while warm basalt stones melt away muscle tension.  Spiced oils and a decadent marma point Indian Scalp massage complete this amazing trio.

80 min. Deluxe Session: $139 | Reg. $159 ($20 Instant Savings!)


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LIPOSCULPT Photoneumonic Therapy & Massage Combo

State of the art Tech and the power of touch unite, combining results-oriented therapy to address conditions of cellulite and fluid retention while supporting a more sculpted appearance. Featuring a FAR Infra-Red assisted automated lymphatic drainage therapy to “lift & fold” combined with manual massage bodywork, you will feel lighter, smoother and revitalized.

BONUS: Ask your practitioner about  Earth Intelligence™ wellness solutions & skin smoothing home care for wonderful benefits!

80 min.  $129 | Reg. $199 ($50 savings! )


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Ocean Obsession™ – Bubblin’ Thermal Seaweed Treatment,  Massage, Jade Stone Therapy & Lymphatic Drainage

The ultimate wellness touch therapy to replenish devitalized skin and restore vitality to overworked muscles and high stress levels. Featuring Earth Intelligence™ earthceuticals imported from a premiere Marine Therapy Research Institute on the French Coast, experience lymphatic and circulatory optimization with brushing techniques, jade stone meridian enhancement, high potency trace mineral infusions and a thermal active oxygenating phyto-plankton spinal treatment. Benefits include a profound boost to well being, circulation and overall health and vitality. Recommended monthly and pairs well Ion Detox Foot therapy, Sauna Detox and the Salt & Light Ocean Vitality Chamber.

BONUS: Enjoy profound stress relief daily with Earth Intelligence Wellness Solutions located within our Experience Center.

60 min. $129


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Deep Tissue Massage

Tired of feeling tired? Does muscle strain and lack of energy cause stress and discomfort? Your custom deep tissue advanced massage will target sore muscles while increasing Vital circulation and flexibility with immediate results. Ideal for combating work strain, post workout and those suffering from joint and flexibility challenges.

30 min:  $45 | 60 min: $79 | 80 min: $105 | 90 min: $124


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Structural Intervention™

A La Bella Exclusive- Introducing Structural Intervention- an integrative therapy that helps to improve posture, flexibility, oxygenation and circulation while minimizing muscle tension and discomfort.

Your customized program incorporates clinical reflex & pressure point therapy to stimulate a healthy response to healing, while employing orthopedic facilitated stretching techniques to improve alignment. You will experience less fatigue, more energy and vitality, as additional sessions help sustain beneficial results. Please note: S.I. is conducted on a floor therapy mat as loose fitted clothing is recommended. Those unable to experience treatment with the floor mat may request a modified table top version upon scheduling.

90 min: $129.00  |  60 min: $89


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Sacred Stone

One of the most popular options, we invite you to experience the surrender of muscle tension and mental fatigue with warm volcanic Basalt stones anointed with aromatic oils. Combined with soothing and de-stressing massage, a deep penetrating heat restores vitality and lifts the spirit!

80 min: $118 I 60 min: $89


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Maternity Massage

Gentle and nurturing, this massage offers a relaxing massage program while providing welcome relief to your tired feet and back. Recommended monthly after the first trimester only.

60 min: $79 I 30 min: $45


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Day Resort Massage Trio

Detox Sauna, Massage & Salt & Light Ocean Vitality Chamber

Optimal wellness includes improving circulation, reducing inflammation and inviting our body to relax, in order to repair. The Day Resort Massage Trio  offers the perfect environment to achieve this goal!

By combining detoxifying and circulation enhancing sauna therapy and the anti-inflammatory benefits of our salt & light ocean vitality chamber to your 60 minute massage experience, you will feel energized and restored!

BONUS: Discover the power of salt therapy from Earth Intelligence TM home wellness solutions to assist with detoxification, remineralization and circulation on a daily basis.

PROMO: Just $119


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Aqua Zen™

Inspired by Ayurvedic cleansing principles and European Effusion Therapy, Aqua Zen TM  artfully anoints your body with an aromatic oil treatment with warming onyx stones to ease muscle tension, optimize circulation and reduce stress.

Next, botanical and marine essences infuse health and vitality to smooth and rejuvenate skin, while igniting new energy and vigor.  You are then immersed in a “rainforest” of a soothing waterfall, thanks to the cleansing power

Of custom Vichy Rain Showers that descend across your body  for complete surrender.

  • (Upon Scheduling) Your choice of:   Mineral Rich Salt Brine     Soothing Bed of Roses     Stress Busting Swiss Pine    Purifying Spirulina  or Calming French Lavender
  • Also includes Sauna Detox Therapy, VIP access to Serenity Lounge & Amenities

Just $99


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My Spa Massage

Enjoy an all-inclusive massage experience complete with customized aromatherapy, heat therapy, steamed towel foot wraps and advanced massage techniques to improve circulation, reduce muscle tension and the effects of stress.

30 min:  $45 | 60 min: $79 | 80 min: $105 | 90 min: $124


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Eighth Tab

Spa Massage Experience “add-on”

Want to relax longer? Enjoy our spa lounge amenities that include cedar sauna, showers, robe, slippers, relaxation area and light refreshments

Just $10 per person when combined with your spa massage.


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Quick Fix 15

Enhance your massage program with an additional 15 minute session perfect for sinus & headache relief, pressure-point reflex-rub massage or simply more relaxation!

Just $20 when combined with your spa massage


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Chinese Cupping

Enhance any massage program with soothing warm stones to help melt muscle tension!

Just $10 when combined with your spa massage


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Romancing The Stone

  • Hot stone massage in duet suite (60 minutes)
  • Champagne toast

$198 (inclusive of two guests)


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Massage Together

Time to spa is even more meaningful when experienced together. Enjoy your custom massage for two in our Duet Suite followed by a bonus session of salt & light vitality zone.

60 Minutes: $198 | 90 Minutes: $288  (prices inclusive of 2 guests)


I WILL…make time for me.

La Bella Spa Merritt Island Fl

Just for Men.

When you look and feel your best, you will perform at your best.   La Bella Spa’s services for men offer the results-driven grooming and muscle soothing benefits that help you to recharge during a stressful work week, revive after your work out or rejuvenate from carrying the world on your shoulders.

It’s YOUR time to take a deep breath and relax among friends for a monthly outing. You’ll be glad you did.

Massage In The Loft - La Bella Spa Merritt Island, Florida
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