Luxe Science Skin Care Institute at La Bella Spa

Innovative science and beauty unite to breathe new life into your skin.

Welcome to the Luxe Science Institute – A collaboration of skin consultants, state-of-the-art technology and powerful natural remedies that create a dynamic synergy of results-oriented solutions for your skin.

Offing both high-tech age repair therapies and high touch classic skin care, your access to the very best global solutions to address skin conditions offers you an opportunity to experience new and exciting methods and products to achieve lasting change.

Institute treatments are comprehensive, multi-beneficial  and customized with your personal needs in mind. We invite you to reserve a complimentary consultation today.


To learn more about a specific classic or clinical skin care service, please select from the list in the left-hand column below…

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Carboxy Therapy for Instant Skin Rejuvenation.

Discover Innovative skin care at its finest as you experience the restorative effects of effervescent CO2 & Oxygen Therapy with Accoustic Waves to refine pores, lighten pigmentation, treat acne and restore a youthful glow to your skin. Visual results are immediate, while a progression of treatments is recommended. Ideal as a monthly “Ultimate Facial” and a perfect prelude to special occasions!

Promo $169 (A $250 Value)

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Phyto Plasma Therapy for environmentally compromised skin.

Introducing a “Green” chemical-free skin rejuvenation phenomenon that will gently and effectively smooth, repair and rejuvenate skin from the inside out! Award winning Phyto Plasma Therapy is comprised of herbal micro-particles, plant stems and sea extracts that naturally stimulate collagen and elastin production, while activating a skin renewal process that is safe and visibly stunning! The environmental repair benefits continue over a 30 day period as you will emerge with radiant and more even toned skin! Consult with your Luxe Science Skin Therapist to determine which Phyto Plasma Therapy Option is best for you:

  • Youth Boost $159
  • Phyto-Rejuvenation $199
  • Intense: Per Consultation


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Featuring the world’s most advanced energy based technology, Elastogen helps to stimulate collagen thus creating skin firming, tightening and a long term facial contour remodeling. Ideal for face and neck applications.

Free Consultation Recommended

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Introducing Volumify- The gold standard in anti-aging therapy. Featuring next generation energy based technology to help resurface, contour, stimulate dermal volume, rejuvenate and reduce wrinkles, Volumify combines the thermal remodeling of Elastogen with an energy based fine micro pin therapy that triggers the body’s natural healing response mechanism, thus producing hyaluronic acid, neo collagen and elastin. Recommended in a series, fantastic results are achieved.

Free Consultation Recommended

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Chroma Lift for Cellular Repair with Photo-Stimulation & Muscle Toning Waveforms

A 4 in 1 trilogy of Natural light based therapy comprised of thousands of super luminous diodes treat conditions of acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation while pro-grade energy waveforms gently tone facial muscles and reduce puffiness all in one session! A favorite among skin care veterans, Chromalift delivers visible rejuvenation after a single treatment while results are optimized by a series of sessions.


Enhancement: Fine Crystal Microdermabrasion $69 specially priced.


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La Firme for Skin Tightening with RF Therapy

Defy the aging process with radio frequency energy to help redensify your skin’s elasticity and improve firmness. Utilizing next generation technology, La Firme may be experienced on face and body to sculpt & treat cellulite.

Please schedule your complimentary consultation with a Body Care Consultant to discover which La Firme Treatment programs will address your needs.


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Microdermabrasion “Works” Combo

A fine spray of crystals gently buffs and smooth skin while a clinical smoothing treatment featuring a light peel completes the cocktail.



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Laser Hair Removal

Offering safe, efficient, results-oriented and comfortable treatments, the Luxe Science Institute features a new, cutting edge system equipped with integrated technology incorporating vacuum pressure and energy wave forms.Combined with modern Chill tip technology that utilizes a proprietary cooling system to momentarily numb the skin for more comfort, the combined matrix achieves maximum energy absorption into hair follicles, faster treatment times and impressive results.

Free Consultation Available

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Simply Brilliant

Ideal for all skin types and conditions your treatment features the nourishing benefits of Simply Natural, combined with a peeling treatment high-tech anti-aging and skin repairing peptide and/or stem cell infusions for youthful results.



Peptide Lip Therapy $25
Collagen Eye Therapy $35

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Simply Clean

A high performance purifying treatment that includes thorough cleansing and extractions combined with pore refining AHA peel, anti-bacterial Oxygen complex and clarifying masque to remove dull surface skin cells and deep clean congested skin. Ideal for all skin conditions requiring deep cleaning, acne and smoker’s skin.



Peptide Lip Therapy $25
Collagen Eye Therapy $35

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Simply Beautiful

A deluxe skin cocktail of enzyme or high-performance peeling, anti-aging infusions, and choice of scientifically advanced custom masque treatments. Choose from Illuminating, Nutrient-Rich Hydration, Calming or Anti-Aging.



Peptide Lip Therapy $25
Collagen Eye Therapy $35

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Herbologie Therapy for Natural Beauty.

For those who inspired by natural healing and wellness, the concept of Dermal Herbology incorporates the power of essential oils with steamed herbs, flowers, spices and planktons that are literally infused into the skin through a steamed poultice apparatus. A sensory massage accompanies, purposed to emulsify the botanicals into the skin. Rose Buds for blotchy skin, Indian Indigo, and 15 other remedies combine with plant serums to rebalance the health and vitality of your complexion.



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Live Cell Therapy for deep hydration.

Just when you thought it was time to live with sagging skin, expression lines and unsightly wrinkles, your natural skin savior has arrived! From award-winning Cosmetic Engineers, Live Cell Therapy features a transdermal infusion of live collagen cells through the skin via non-invasive micro-netting. The cells instantly impart supreme hydration and skin smoothing benefits targeting the most acute areas around your eyes and labial folds, while rejuvenating your entire complexion. This amazing therapy also features skull-cap extract, resveratrol, l-ascorbic acid and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid that synergistically impact the life span of skin cells and overall skin vitality. Be sure to ask about our exclusive live cell treatment for home use to extend the impressive benefits!


Enhancement: Fine Crystal Microdermabrasion $69 specially priced.



Luxe Science Skin Care Institute at La Bella Spa

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The Science

Discover the mysteries of nature once unknown- now unlocked by innovators and scientists of esthetic medicine. Plant stem cells-adapting to new environments communicate repair strategies to support de-aging.

Amino acid chains- proven to reduce wrinkle depth unveil exciting new capabilities to re-densify the dermis, reduce inflammation and improve elasticity. Powerful anti-oxidants scavenger free radicals to protect against environmental aging while various plant and ocean based sub-species are explored as scientists reveal their unprecedented cellular repair abilities and enzymatic processes.

Combined with a multitude of energy and light wave forms, Institute treatments offer you the very best state of the art solutions to naturally regenerate skin tissue and ignite skin radiance. Institute treatments encourage skin tightening, contouring, sculpting, smoothing, hydrating, purifying, brightening and skin rejuvenation. Our natural and progressive approach to transforming your skin is optimized through an on-going skin care treatment regimen coupled with Luxe Science Advanced Dermologie Home Care Collections.

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Skin Care

The power of touch is coupled with plant based remedies for the most refreshing treatment, customized especially for you. Aromatherapy, steamed towels, pressure point and lymphatic drainage massage techniques pair with professional grade smoothing peels, nutrient complexes and other treatment infusions to unveil your beauty potential!

Energizing. Regenerating. Amazing!  Just a few adjectives that patrons have used to describe the results achieved with our high-tech skin care. Targeting the most common aging concerns, the clinical treatments offered by the Luxe Science Institute deliver instant rejuvenation while awakening your skin. Experienced as individual treatments or part of an intensive series of treatments, Look no further than La Bella Spa to help you achieve beautiful skin today! Treatment Benefits include:

Skin Firming
Textural Smoothing
Increased Skin Radiance
Wrinkle Reducing
Muscle Toning
Skin Rejuvenation
Hair Removal
Cellulite Smoothing

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The Collection

The Luxe Science Advanced Cellular Dermologie Collection

Lumiere -A complete skin care regimen to help repair sun damage, brighten skin tone and illuminate your complexion. Featuring exotic fruit extracts containing a bounty of vitamins and antioxidants, powerful skin brighteners and proprietary actives that convert UV light into energy, your skin will instantly come to light with new radiance!

Savon de Lumiere – Illuminating Cleanser
Tonic Lumiere – Illuminating Skin Tonic
Force Lumiere – Environmental Repair Concentrate
Crème Lumiere – Radiance Renewal Cream

Forever Young – Featuring the most advanced actives to target signs of aging including expression lines, wrinkles and mature skin. Wrinkle-relaxing results are immediate while neo-collagen tissue regeneration and improved skin density continue to emerge. Your Skin will positively look years younger!

Matrix RNA – Caviar & Silk Hydrating Cleanser
Unveil – Bio Flavonoid Hydrating Mist
Liquid Alchemy – Anti-Wrinkle Ruby Serum
Immortal – Diamond Peptide Age Reversal Complex
Eye Surrender – Wrinkle Release De-Aging Eye Cream

Beauty Code – Innovative and luxurious, we’ve cracked the code to beautiful skin! Discover this new & exciting range of transformative formulations to help improve skin firmness, volume and hydration while instantly diminishing the effects of stress to your complexion. The ultimate in skin rejuvenation!

Sapphire Lift – Bio Sculpting Serum
Volumify – Age Defying Derma Filler
Regenerative Elixir – Stress Recovery Face Oil
Hydra Quench – Collagen Hyaluronic Moisture Boost

Symmetry –Thoughtfully formulated with powerful natural ingredients and the most scientifically advanced age reversal actives, the Symmetry collection is ideal for those who desire youthful skin while also balancing skin conditions of excess oil or sensitivity. Clean, Clear, Calm and refreshing!

Submerge – Phyto-Marine Deep Cleanse
Crystal Clear – Purifying Skin Tonic
Porfectionist – Pore Refining Herbal Exfoliator
Symmetry – Mattifying Perfector
Restore – Calming & Nourishing Emulsion

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Featured Product: Sapphire Lift

Our featured Luxe Science product is from our Beauty Code collection, Sapphire Lift, a bio sculpting serum. Innovative and luxurious, discover this new and exciting range of transformative formulations to help improve skin firmness, volume and hydration while instantly diminishing the effects of stress to your complexion. Your skin will look years younger! Use in combination with the other products in the Beauty Code collection for optimum results.